Muay Time

A productive way to track time


Version 2.6 (8 Apr 2019)

  • Added: settings to change global hotkeys.
  • Changed: the global hotkey to bring the app to front now also hides it when it’s already visible.
  • Small fixes.

Version 2.5.2 (5 Apr 2014)

  • Fixed: inactivity period becomes 12:00:00 when system time is in 12-hour format.

Version 2.5.1 (8 Mar 2014)

  • Fixed: properly distinguish click and double click to system tray icon.

Version 2.5 (7 Mar 2014)

  • Feature: pause/resume active task from system tray icon menu or with global hotkey (thanks to Yuriy).
  • Feature: restart task (thanks to Yuriy).
  • Fixed: task time starts from 12:00:00 when system time is in 12-hour format (thanks to Mike).
  • Fixed: unnecessary scroll bars appeared on the main window if system font size is larger then default one on Windows 7/8 (thanks to Yuriy).
  • Better task duration display format.
  • Use %APPDATA% folder to store app files instead of installation dir.
  • Application icon refined, added high-res version.
  • A bunch of other fixes and improvements.

Version 2.4 (29 Aug 2013)

  • Introduced inactivity detection For some people depending on their work flow it might be usefull to automatically stop task time tracking if he/she is away from keyboard. So here it is. You can disable this feature if you don’t need it. Thanks to Vage for this idea.

Version 2.3 (18 Jul 2013)

  • “Run at startup” checkbox in installer.
  • Avoid duplicate app instances running on the same computer.